Manage reviews with workflow automation

Master your review response strategy & level up
your community support with workflow automation.


Be less manual,
more productive

Share the load of responding to reviews & processing feedback. Let automation do some of the work.


Boosts your key
support KPIs

Automation makes your support faster — improving your response rate & decreasing response time.


Break down
team data silos

Automatic categorization makes it easy for other teams to digest the customer feedback they need.


Keep tabs on ROI for automation

Use Automation performance to understand how automation is working & where it’s providing value.


Save time for you & your customers with auto-reply

Automate customer service for repetitive reviews or simple comments so you can focus on higher priority tasks and provide a better customer experience.

Auto-tagging for effortless management and analysis

Sit back & let auto-tags instantly categorize your feedback. This frees up time to build a reponse strategy & identify insights to improve app performance.

Report a Concern

Online reputation management for your apps

Ensure that damaging reviews don’t harm your reputation by automating Report a Concern.


“The Product Development team uses data from tagged reviews to make incremental improvements in the product. A bad product experience could be a lost ride for us. We monitor users’ satisfaction with stability very seriously, and AppFollow helps us do that.”

Instantly understand feedback in any language

Harness the power of auto-translate for reviews and support a global user base without the need for more hiring or outsourcing.

Automation  strategy

Perfect your automation strategy

With Automation Performance you can closely monitor your rules and triggers — whether they’re having the desired impact or if they need tweaking.

What success have clients achieved with our automation?



How to use Review
Management Automation

This guide explains how you can use automation to free up your support teams' time while continuing to build great relationships with your users.