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See how Huuuge Games capitalized on review management with AppFollow’s help and improved communication with their community

Huuuge Games + AppFollow
Huuuge Games

Huuuge Games is among the largest free-to-play entertainment app companies on the market

Huuuge Casino and Billionaire Casino are the company’s flagship products, with an incredibly high number of users playing every day.

The company has a strong focus on a "play together" ethos through real-time multiplayer mechanics in their social casino games​.

Key satisfaction

Review automation

So far, Huuuge Games responds to 45-50% of reviews automatically, with 80% tagged automatically as well.

Data-driven insights

AppFollow helps the company quickly determine the source of the problem and address it, especially if it’s related to technical issues.

Everything in one place

Managing two large apps in one place allows the company to cut down on time spent review reviews without a drop in productivity.

AppFollow tools used

​​​​The KPIs that Huuuge Games tracks with AppFollow


Pain points & use case

Mostly bad reviews come due to lag spikes, which is a technical issue that’s difficult to control. Players who pay for extra features, as a result, get disappointed, and that requires careful and swift responses. 

Based on keywords and length of the review, both positive and negative feedback is seen to — also depending on the type of review.

The challenge at hand

Due to so many different types of reviews, each and every one of them requires a tailored approach. Ideally, every customer needs a response, especially if the review concerns their paid accounts or particular technical issues they’re experiencing. 

Some responses require manual responding, and that’s something that must be visible immediately, especially if these are featured reviews.

AppFollow’s turned the game around

The benefit of AppFollow is in managing difficult reviews and keep the app ratings above 4. Since the two main apps, Huuuge Casino and Billionaire Casino, are the biggest, they require the utmost attention. Categorizing reviews, responding to them automatically, and getting product feedback from users has proved to be invaluable. 

“Boosting ratings for a mature app title requires a lot of continuous review management effort; maintaining a good reputation and responding to reviews is the best way forward to climbing up, slowly and steadily.”

App takeaways

Looking to the future

With the rate of automated responses climbing, Huuuge Games is looking forward to boosting productivity with AppFollow’s help further, as well as using AI replies as soon as the feature meets their expectations.