Sentiment analysis process

Find meaning with sentiment analysis

Simplify the process of finding your users’ pain points, keep track of bugs, evaluate app performance across regions, and build your response strategy. 

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Rules-based feedback analysis with Semantic tags

Automatically group reviews according to topic and tags for effortless feedback segmentation and find actionable insights with ease. 

Semantic processing & categorization
Semantic charts

Track your customer sentiment KPIs

Semantic charts provides a granularity of customer data. It includes crucial metrics presented in clear visuals for each topic or tag. 

Follow changes in sentiment over time

Find out how impactful the brands you’re competing with are at attracting organic branded traffic.

Sentiment over time

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Sentiment analysis can work for you?

Demographically break down user sentiment 

Going global? Understand differences across regions and languages with user sentiment and feedback to build and effective international strategy. 

Demographic analysis
Semantic insights

Surveil your competitors' users 

Semantic insights gives you key insights into how competitors' users feel about their apps. 

Guide: How to use our customer sentiment analysis tool

Learn how Semantic analysis helps you understand your users, how they're feeling, what features they want, the issues they face in the user experience, and deep dive into regional differences.  

Semantic analysis guide