AI-Powered Review Management

Enhance customer experience by providing customized, accurate replies to reviews, fostering better customer satisfaction and loyalty with the power of AI tech.

No credit card required


Elevate you customer engagement

Improved Response Time

Save hours on replying to customer feedback

Personalized and Accurate Replies

Understand the sentiment and customize the message

Competitive Advantage

Outperform all of your competitors

High Efficiency

Process large volumes of replies

Ready to Use

Point it towards your knowledge base and let it work

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Demonstrate exceptional customer service


Unique and personalized interactions with your customer

Based on AI technology, our AI reply generator analyzes customer feedback and creates personalized responses that are sure to impress. 
You can also rephrase your response to adjust messaging and tone, reply in all major languages, and even train the AI to use your unique writing style and voice. 

And this is just the beginning...

AI Replies Automation coming soon! 

Reply to similar reviews by generating and sending AI replies in bulk.  Designed for support agents handling large volumes of App Store and Google Play reviews, our new tool generates bulk replies, saving time on manual replies and boosting agent efficiency. 

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