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A brief history

The spark that set the idea of AppFollow alight happened at a small hackathon in 2014. While tracking dozens of apps, Anatoly Sharifulin, Co-founder and CEO of AppFollow, found that he was struggling to effectively monitor reviews on the app stores. So, he set out to solve this problem.

Anatoly and Pavel, CTO and Co-founder of AppFollow, worked together to build a simple tool that grabbed reviews straight from the App Store. It went on to win the hackathon. After showing it to a few others, who absolutely loved the idea, they decided to build something new, bigger & even better together — this was the moment the concept of AppFollow came to life.

A brief history
Since then

Since then

AppFollow has created a product with a whole suite of useful features which supports all the major stores. It includes many integrations with popular business systems, extending its capabilities so that teams can more easily benefit by unlocking insights from user feedback.

Hackathons remain an essential part of AppFollow, and we run them twice a year during company meetups. What’s more, AppFollow prides itself on being a global & fully remote company from day one.

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